Rules of the tournament


In the Catalonia Girls Cup can take part girl’s football teams that belong to federated clubs, but also teams belonging to schools and colleges. This regulation is based on the rules of FIFA and the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF), and refers to the Football 11 and Football 7 leagues.


The competition system is based on groups of 4 teams, which will play in a single confrontation, although in exceptional cases the groups could be made by 3 or 5 teams.
For calendar reasons, teams may play more than one game per day.
The first and second classified of each group will qualify to play the “Golden Play-Off”, and the third and fourth classified will play the “Silver Play-Off”. This ensures that each team plays a minimum of 4 games.
The points system will be 3 points per match won; 1 point per tied match; and, zero points per lost match.
The duration of the matches will be 2 halves of 25 minutes for categories U19, U17 and U15, while category U13 will be 2 halves of 20 minutes each. Each match will have 4 minutes of rest time between the two halves.
The tournament organization will appoint a field judge who will be responsible for the development of the game.


  • U19 > players born 01/01/01 – 31/12/02
  • U17 > players born 01/01/03 – 31/12/04
  • U15 > players born 01/01/05 – 31/12/06
  • U13 > players born 01/01/07 – 31/12/08

All categories are Football 11, except U13, which is Football 7.
Teams participating in categories U17, U15 and U13 can register a maximum of two players per team of a year older than their category.
Teams participating in category U19 can register a maximum of three players of undetermined age per team.
Teams that have more than one team participating in the tournament may not exchange players, either in the same or in a different category.



The teams will face the teams in their group in a single confrontation. The first and second team of the group will qualify for the “Golden Play-off”, and the third and fourth team of the group will play the “Silver Play-Off”. If there is a fifth team in the group, it will be eliminated.

To break a possible tie between two teams, the following criteria will be followed:

1st: Result of the match between the two teams. (individual goal average)

2nd: Difference between goals in favor or against taking in account all the matches of the group stage. (general goal average)

3rd: Highest number of goals scored in all matches of the group stage.

4th: Draw.


The “Golden Play-Off” and the “Silver Play-Off” each consist of a semifinal and a final. In case of a tie in any of these matches, there will be no extension and the winner will be decided directly with penalty kicks, as established by FIFA rules.

The penalty kicks will consist of the throwing of 5 penalties, which can only be thrown by the players who were on the field at the end of the game.


5.1 – FOOTBALL 11

In the Football 11 category there can be a maximum of 20 registered players. A maximum of 5 changes will be allowed and a rotating substitution system will be followed, that means that a substituted player can return to the field and play (each change will count as one of the five changes).

5.2 – FOOTBALL 7

In the Football 7 category there can be a maximum of 20 registered players. In this case, an unlimited rotating substitution system will be followed, that means that a substituted player can return to the pitch and unlimited changes will be allowed.


The tournament will be held in four football fields located in Lloret de Mar and surroundings, all of artificial grass. In this case, in all the playing fields it will be forbidden to play with aluminum blocks.

About the balls, all matches of the U19, U17 and U15 category will be played with a Nike or Adidas size 5 ball, regarding the U13 category all the matches will be played with a Nike or Adidas size 4 ball. No balls will be provided to warm up before the matches, therefore, each team must bring their own.


There will be an age control before the start of each match, where each player must present their valid ID or passport. This control will be reflected in the match report sheet.

The match report sheet must be completed 30 minutes before the start of each match. Each player will provide the following information: name and surname, date of birth and t-shirt number, and coach’s name.

It is recommended to the coach and / or coaching staff of each team to review the match report sheet at the end of the game, to verify that all data is correct.


The entire tournament will be held with strict punctuality:

30 minutes before the start of the match, the match report sheet must be duly completed (see rule 7).
15 minutes before the start of the game the players have to be prepared.
5 minutes before the start of the match both teams must be prepared and located at the access point to the field.
In the event that a team causes the suspension of the match or does not show up, it will be valued as a defeat of 0 to 2. If the team does not appear due to external causes (e.g. breakdown, accident, etc.), the Organization of the Tournament has the competence to decide whether the match will be replayed or not.

In the event that any match must be canceled due to adverse weather conditions and it is impossible to reschedule it, the result will be drawn (win 2-0; draw 1-1; and defeat 0-2).


If a player is expelled from the field with a direct red card, she will be banned form playing at least the following math, depending on the seriousness of the cause of the expulsion. In addition, if a player accumulates 3 yellow cards throughout the matches, she will be banned from playing the next match.


All the referees who will supervise the matches throughout the tournament will be official referees of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF).


Claims may be submitted up to 30 minutes after the end of the match. The claim fee will be 25 euros, and it will be refunded if it is accepted by the Tournament Organization.

The Organization will not accept protests arising from the arbitration decisions.


During the tournament, there will be an official photographer contracted by the Organization. The participation in thistournament implies the transfer of images of players of the participating team in order to publish them on official websites, social media or other means of communication without implying a right of remuneration or economic benefit in favour of the affected party. The assignment of these images includes all rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication of the recording during the event, match or activities.


The Tournament Organization reserves the right to make changes to the pitch, schedules, group division, etc. The changes will be duly notified to the head of each team.


All teams accept this regulation at the time that they decide to participate in this tournament. In addition, each team is responsible for their own properties, and the Tournament Organization will not be responsible for any theft.


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